A downloadable game for Windows

~3 minutes experience, inspired by a dream.

Made in 3 days,  with free assets.

Models: free3d.com cgtrader.com turbosquid.com

Sounds: freesound.org

Install instructions

Unzip and run exe.

Should run on low end pcs. Have not tested the lower quality settings.

 Movement: WASD + Mouse


PlanetsCollide.zip 85 MB


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So this was a real dream?

Did you have a heart attack and jump yourself awake when the 'planet' hit? 

I enjoyed this little experience! Thanks for it.

Enjoy my Lumps Play: 

Cheers 🍻


Yes, a "real" dream ;)

For me it was a bit more somber, slowly realising the inevitable :)

Many thanks for the lets play.